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As people living in a world full of the unknown. Sarah and her brother are just trying to make their way in society. In this psychological and vengeful thriller Sarah is hoping that everyone one just forgets her past even though she knows no one ever will. Through all of this Sarah is not only fighting her insecurities but also the delusions that manifest themselves normally at night while she sleeps but change after a wreck causing her to have some disturbing ways. In the end all Sarah wants to do is make sure her brother is safe which would be easy if Sarah knew who Sarah really is! When it is all over Sarah learns a valuable lesson about truth and believing what everyone says in a very disturbing way. (Available on KDP)

(Outside of my normal writing style: Hope you like it)

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With thousands of books out there with 100's of questions in each one saying everyone is for you. The 30 is a book which focuses on 30 questions with one of them specifically for you. Unlike other books that tell you what to do at the end of each question like they know exactly what is going on in your life. The 30 inspires you to figure out what you truly need to do to make sure you get out of your bad situation. It wants you to sit back and really analyze your life to see what the true plan God has for you and your life. So you have a choice you can download this book which will help you find your own way or download another book which will forces you to do it their way. Youíre Choice! Which One Are You? (It's FREE)

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If you are looking for a book that has it all then look no further. This book has 19 different short stories that relate to people of all ages. These short stories talk about a variety of different situations ranging from churches to others talking about gangs and youth. Then also other short stories talking about teenage peer pressure, a mother trying to battle abuse, fathers making poor choices, doctors not setting good examples, preachers focused too much on the wrong thing, athletes only focused on sports, people making success the only thing important, friendships, relationships, church members, and many more short stories.       



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Well, what can I say? My brother is Jesus! My life was very interesting growing up. People were always trying to impress him. Growing up I heard people ask him some of the smartest and dumbest questions. I also got to see how my brother changed many lives. Yeah my brother is amazing and I loved my brother growing up. Well, most of the time......Ugh....There was a period where me and Him had issues. (Free On Kindle)




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In a small town in Tennessee there is a war starting between good and evil. One pastor is trying to build people up for Christ while another is trying to build his account. Four strangers get involved through a connection that none of them really understand. They try to fight it at first but in the end they realize that all of this cannot be coincidence.

  Conversational-(Dialogue-Written like a movie)



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After all that has happen people are more confused than ever. Tom and his friends are now realizing that they are more connected than just through the dreams they have been having. The government is trying to fix the problem even though they do not know what the problem really is. People are trying to stay safe because they do not want to get infected by the so called disease. But little do they know it is something much worse.

    Conversational-(Dialogue-Written like a movie)


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About Me

     A Christian Author Who Loves God, Jesus and Christianity!

     MR.RD is a Christian author who loves God, Christianity and Jesus. He is not a perfect man but he seeks to find Jesus every day of his life. There are many things in life he hopes to achieve but overall God comes first. His stories are not written in the normal form of Christianity but about the ups and downs of life. Then also stories about what happens in life when you pick the world over God the father and Jesus. He never downs anyone because he has his own struggles to deal with he says but encourages them not to make the same mistakes he has made in life or is making. He tells people just like them he falls short every day. Then a lot of days he has to ask Jesus for forgiveness for the things he has just down and repent to God for all of it. His main point in trying to lead people in Christianity is by telling them ďDonít Be MeĒ. In other words donít do like I have down. Seek God first and allow Jesus to come into your life and encourage you through Christianity.

     MR. RD invites people to have an open mind when reading his books, and in doing this he invites people to contact him online through email and via his website. You will learn many lessons about family, life, friends, and that we all have choices. It's a matter of how we decide what direction we want to go in that will shape our lives.

     Connect with him by clicking the big "Contact Me" Below or leave messages on my youtube videos that help authors.

P.S. Excuse him for any grammar errors or mistakes. Once he starts making more he said he will be able to pay for more editing :)

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